Cerverceria Mexicana

Cerveza Mexicali, brewed and bottled by Cerverceria Mexicana, S. de R.L. de C.V., in Tecate, B.C., Mexico under Mexicali Beersupervision of Oswaldo Armenta, Brewmaster, is a characterful lager. The product is formulated after original German style brewing recipes dating back to 1923, in Mexicali, B.C., Mexico.

Cerveza Mexicali is a Pilsener type Lager, lightly fragrant and spritzy. The beer has more special hopping than others. A dash of Crystel-Malt is added to enchance its character. Cerveza Mexicali is fermented with pure culture yeast of the Genus Saccharamyces. The product is given more attention through handcrafting, as opposed to being produced in a super-giant beer factory. A true pleasure to the palate, Cerveza Mexicali returns.