3 Amigos Tequila

The 3 Amigos Tequila story begins with the Gonzalez family from the Highlands region of Jalisco, Mexico. With deep 3-Amigos-bottlesroots in farming that span multiple generations, the family has grown 100% blue Weber agave for more than four generations.

From growing and harvesting agave plants to distilling and bottling tequila, the Gonzalez family is dedicated to time-honored traditions in order to bring you superior, premium tequila each and every time.

Farming is my passion — this comes from how I was raised in Mexico. When you grow a crop – especially something that will be consumed by people sitting around a table – it really matters and has purpose. When I’m farming I’m thinking about growing the best that I possibly can.” (Santiago Gonzalez, Owner, 3 Amigos Tequila)


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