IT’S HERE! The NEW South Florida-inspired Bang Energy flavor MIAMI COLA is here and ready to party! We have been Bringin’ the Bang all over the world while on the Bang Revolution World Tour, but we will never forget where our success started — in South Florida.
To show our love and thanks to our home, we used our creativity to make a delicious Miami Cola flavor that will help us share the tropical vibes we feel every day with you Bangsters all over the world! You’ll feel the South Florida sunshine warming your heart with each sip of the amazing new Miami Cola flavor!
The epic new Miami Cola will blow your mind, because it tastes just like cola — minus the sugar and calories. A regular 16 oz. cola contains 39 grams of sugar and 130 calories! Bang Miami Cola has zero calories, zero sugar, zero artificial colors and only natural flavors.
​​​Cracking open an ice-cold can of Miami Cola will bring you straight to the beautiful beaches of South Florida where you’ll be moved to dance to the tropical music under the palm trees. ​​​​
Bang Miami Cola contains:

  • 300 mgs of Caffeine
  • EAA’s
  • Electrolytes
  • CoQ10
  • Patented Super Creatine
  • No sugars, No artificial flavors, and No artificial colors

A new Bang Energy Drink study, conducted by Dr. Jose Antonio at the prestigious Nova University, has confirmed that Bang Energy increases psychomotor vigilance (sustained attention), enhances mental focus and reaction times. Once again, this study separates Bang Energy from inferior Bang knockoffs and solidifies Bang as the frontrunner in sports nutrition and performance beverages!